Healing Wounds, Restoring Hope

Posted on January 13, 2022 in: General News

Healing Wounds, Restoring Hope

Healing Wounds, Restoring Hope

Religious sisters train to minister to victims of sex trafficking with support from the Order

By Richard Meek1/1/2022

Religious sisters from Nigeria
Religious sisters from Nigeria who received training this fall to work with survivors of sex trafficking stand with Bishop Michael Duca of Baton Rouge (center front) at St. John the Baptist Church in Zachary, La. Father Jeffery Bayhi (back left) and Father Chuck Swanson are also pictured. Photo courtesy of Father Jeffery Bayhi


Sister Bridget Nwaankwo has witnessed firsthand the trauma experienced by human trafficking victims. For nearly 10 years, she ministered in a Nigerian shelter for young girls from several countries who were sold as sex slaves. She has accompanied these girls, some as young as 10 and 11 years old, on their journeys, and has held their hands during their darkest hours.

“They are so traumatized,” said Sister Bridget, a Sister of St. Joseph. “These children have been battered, shattered so much so that they have lost trust — in God, in people, even in themselves.”

Many are surprised to learn that such experiences are neither isolated nor rare. Rather, the scourge of human trafficking, which includes both sexual exploitation and forced labor, affects millions of victims worldwide.

The latest issue of Columbia highlights the Order’s support of religious sisters ministering to victims of sex trafficking in the United States. Learn more: READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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