Cowboy Bulletin January 2022

Posted on January 15, 2022 in: Wyoming Cowboy Bulletin

Cowboy Bulletin January 2022

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Life is filled with distractions, especially during any holiday season and this past Christmas left nothing to be desired. All of the preparations for guests and families, making sure the table is set properly, preparing the food, and making sure all the guests are fed a delicious meal or meals. Also making sure the correct gifts have been purchased and given to the right person. With all these distractions we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas. Not only are our lives filled with distraction but also Jesus had a few distractions of his own. He was stalked by thousands of people for their own personal gain whether it be to heal the sick or to chase out demons. It was during these times that Jesus left the crowds and headed to the desert for peace, quiet and prayer and to be left alone. When our lives are filled with distractions and chaos we too need to head to the desert. The desert I’m re-ferring to is the Church for some peace and quiet and prayer. Spending time with the Lord in quiet prayer is important. Just to sit quietly and to listen in prayer and carry on a con-versation with our God will help bring peace to this chaotic world that we live in.

Blessings to all in 2022
Deacon Terry Archbold

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